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foxdiegal's Journal
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in foxdiegal's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
11:35 am
Taking a Break During Server Maintenance
Wow, I haven’t LJ-ed in forever. Sorry, I’ve been too busy researching my revenge-mobile to do… well anything else at all. Nothing that readers would find interesting anyway.

Oh… I have one little pleasure I’ve been taking. Yeah, I’ve recently got addicted to… World of Warcraft. OMG it’s adorable! The gnomes are goddamn annoying, so I play Horde. I don’t want to get flooded with messages so I’m not going to say who I am. But if anyone plays on Azjol-Nerub server, let me know and I’ll msg you sometime. I totally feel like the girl in this comic. Except I have no one to say I’m cute. : (

Hehe, I’ve always thought of myself as a sort of shadow priest. Supposed to heal people, but instead just do lots of pain and suffering. I even made a character for Frankie, an undead rogue of course, but he still hasn’t woken up yet.

I can totally see all the foxhounders making their own guild and trying to kick ass but completely sucking at it. LOL. PM could be a nuking mage, Ocelot would be a troll hunter (with a kitty!), Raven a cow shaman, Liquid a troll warrior. Maybe they’ll get bored one day and make a group on Dark Iron server. It’d be slashoriffic.

That or ocelot should be a night-elf rogue. Those gankers are total asswipes. Do NOT get me started.

In the meantime, I’ve found my new hero. He’s on a show called Battlestar Galactica. His name, is Dr. Gaius Baltar. I’ve never felt like someone understands me as much as he does. A brilliant quirky scientist that just seems insane, evil, and backstabbing to all his coworkers. If you haven’t watched it yet, go download the show from Bit Torrent and watch it dammit. We’re going to get married some day and have little Cylon babies.

Talk to you later, all.
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
1:58 pm
Happy May Day
Celebrate the failed triumph of worker's across the world! I'm wearing my Che Guevera shirt, and gonna go see the Motorcycle Diaries later.

I’ve been working late everynight in the lab on my favorite new project. So haven’t had time to post much. Or even to do stuff that is worth posting about. But it’s a nice weekend off. And I’m pissed off because I went looking for a cheese-danish and no one had one anywhere. CVS, Wawa, the BP. Goddamn. So I’m eating leftover Chinese, and reading all the blogs my friends have posted.

So filling out a couple memes is a good way to waste time, without revealing “classified data”. So there’s one that’s filling out a survey (below), and 5 things I hate about you (below). The last is one that I thought was so sweet.

"Post a comment here and I'll reply with a comment telling you something that I think is awesome about you. It's late April; we all need a little love."

Current Mood: bouncy
1:49 pm
5 Things I Hate About You
Well not about you, per se. It's a meme of "list 5 things your friends love that you just don't get". Here goes.

1. Guns: Why use loud noises and the uncertainty of aim, when a pathogen will get it done much more reliably, and with a maximum of pain. The weapons of the nerds rock.
2. Brevity: Evil villains need longer speeches. This “silent and enigmatic”shit is so unexpressive.
3. Mei Ling: Ugh, everyone loves that new girl in Communications. Bite me you movie-quoting cock-blocking suck-up to Cambell.
4. Secrecy: Information wants to be freeeee! It’s all only a matter of time before it gets out anyway.
5. Snakes: Good for nothing murder machines.
1:39 pm
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
3:29 pm
Happy Belated Vday!
Valentine's day came and went. No card from Liquid (who I'm tempted to start calling blondie, or something like that), and nothing more than a glance from anyone in the lab. An online buddy of mine, kitsuneboy65, asked me if love can bloom on a battlefield. Maybe it can, but it certainly can't ever bloom in a chem lab. Bad smells, clinical lighting, hunched positions, and arguments over acceptable error rates don't exactly lead to love at first sight.

Actually I spend most of my time at work waiting for my experiments to complete their 40 hour or so incubation periods so I can measure predicted growth and change rates. A bio-chemists life isn’t all nano-espionage and revenge-dominated monologues about the nature of memes, genes, and scenes.

Last month power was out for just 30 seconds, the freezer died, and I had lost a weeks worth of testings. My poor petri-dishes! It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the third time in as many weeks that Liquid was playing with a fork and an electric socket. I hope Ocelot burns in hell for that.

More than romance though, this holiday makes me miss Frankie. Poor boy. Valentine’s was his favorite holiday, especially since Zanzibar and that goddamn perversion of nature Snake. Sure he claims he’s not sentimental, but he’s really just a big softie inside. Also, something about the color red being everywhere. Last year he even made me this adorable jello cake.

Our first valentine’s day together was so hard. My parents had just died, it was cold, and no boy would ask me to the school’s sadie hawkins dance. But Frankie was there for me, and he went out and got me an adorable stuffed turtle. He beat up a boy who didn’t ask me out and also got some flowers that his hussy date has bought. I made him our traditional dinner that we had in that hut with a holiday twist (ramen, in a red package). Afterwards he just sat down and started crying about how weak he was. I hugged him and told him that if it wasn’t for him, no one would take care of me! He just looked at me with those big brown eyes through the tears and said he had a secret for me, that he couldn’t tell me right now, but promised he would tell me one day.

I just loved how he opened up to me, and that I could take care of him too. Isn’t that what valentine’s day is all about? Isn’t the bond we shared the most important thing in the world? And people who would break that bond are twisted, dark people who do nothing but destroy all beauty in the world. Doesn’t all pain stem from the kind of violent mind that would kill his own best friend and my big brother? Shouldn’t I make him suffer for as long as his nerve cells can last to prolong the agony, so he can know the loneliness and pain that is my cold, barren life? Oh, he will, he will…

Back to work now. Sequence W-359 is almost done, and the last guy who used the Bunsen burner kit left it a complete shitpile. Why the hell can’t these CalTech brats ever clean up after themselves?
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
3:34 pm
I'm not supposed to talk about where I live exactly (apparently mentioning code names and my projects doesn't give away any information, but the location of the nearest chinese joint does), but it's so frickin cold. So any terrorists looking for how to sneak into ***** ********* out there, know this: it's really cold.

So yeah, my water froze this morning, so no shower. Car wouldn't start, so I get in late to work. Icy puddles so I slip and nearly broke my hip. Even my starbucks was tepid and too sugary today. Mmmmm, and my school counselor always wondered why I couldn't stand winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder my ass.

Liquid's been gone for a few days. Haven't really heard from him since our aborted date. We chat in the hallway, but whenever he's supposed to ask me out again or look away from his coffee so I can put the cyanide in, he just looks at me blankly. Probably off galavanting on some mission in some exotic locale. Goddamn bastard doesn't even have to deal with this snow and cold. Grrr. I hope he gets sunburn.

I thought I managed to poison his coffee just last week, but he didn't seem to feel a thing. Just walked away whistling. Weird ass genetic freak.

Oh crap, I broke the screen on my blackberry when I fell. What the hell did I ever do to God to deserve such a shitty day?

Anyway, I am going home as soon as possible. I am going to curl up in my knitted blankets, heat up some godiva cocoa, and play some Animal Crossing. (Yes I've been using the gamecube to fill the whole in my life since Frank died, again. But the Patriots pay more, and the cube is so cuuuuuute! I've almost saved up enough to buy a basement. XD) Keep it real naomi-fans!

PS: I've been having these dreams where I'm walking around with arrows in my chest. They don't hurt, no one seems to notice, and I can't even grab them to pull them out. They're just... there. Any idea what that means?

Current Mood: cold
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
3:16 am
Hello World
"A million people vie for immortality, but don't know what to do with a Sunday afternoon." That is so true!!! (HHGG rocks.)

Things are just really boring here. I can't sleep because I always get anxious right before I start a new project. You know how it is. So I'm sitting up drinking a "Weasel" (diet coke, grenadine, and bourbon) and sorting my MP3 collection. YAWWWNN.

Anyway, haven't talked to Liquid since the big date. My heart stops every time I see him, and he doesn't even notice me. Sigh. Well, my heart has always stopped whenever I saw that murderous son of a bitch, but now it's different. Eeep.

I think someone else has been getting lucky at work. Ocelot and Mantis are hanging out all the time, since a few months back. They think they're hiding it, but it's so obvious when Ocelot is giving Mantis a knowing wink every day over Mantis's morning coffee, and Mantis just blushes and runs out. The boys in R&D have been making no end of jokes about bondage gear, revolvers, and telekinetic stimulai of the rear male neural clusters. Well I couldn't think of any two people in the world who deserve eachother more.

Lastly, I want to say hi to all my fans who've been reading. KAAAIIIIII!!! But really, trolling and practical jokes aren't appreciated. And if you want to talk to me about work, just use my work address. I'm really serious. My very first web log was on geocities.com and I had some problems when some girls from high school found it and left really nasty comments all over my guestbook. It was really traumatic and I'm not going to deal with it again.

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
10:25 pm
A New Start
(Btw, I forgot to mention I think some people from work might have found out about my old journal so I'm starting a new one.)

I'm still holding out hope that one day I'll be able to revive Frank again, and keep the "ninja" personality from ever manifesting itself. I owe him too much to give up on him just because he's dead again... if it wasn't for him, I'd be all alone, starving to death in some East African hellhole. It was a miracle that he showed up when he did, right after my parents were mercilessly slaughtered.

But anyway, as long as his exoskeleton is intact, there's still hope.

Things are decidedly grim in Naomiville, however. Ocelot said that I'd have to work for the Patriots if I wanted to stay out of prison/not be found in a ditch near the freeway. Apparently I'm going to head up a top secret research & development program called FOXDIE. The goal is to produce an indetectable airborne virus that targets the unique genetic sequences of specific people, and kills them so that it appears they died of natural causes - the perfect assassination weapon.

Behold, your tax dollars at work. >:P

At first I couldn't get over how stupid the idea was. The idea of a virus being able to detect the minute, genome-wide sequence variations that distinguish one person from another is just laughable. Not to mention that this kind of bioweapons research has been universally banned. But then I got to thinking...

Supposing it is possible... then they've just handed me the keys to a brand new, four cylinder Revengemobile. I mean, once it's done, how easy would it be to just program it to kill anyone I wanted? Mantis, Ocelot, Liquid and Solid. (So convenient that they're genetically identical - two snakes with one stone ^_^)

But I still doubt it'll ever happen. Then again, ten years ago I would have laughed in your face if you told me dead people could be brought back to life, albeit in freakish cyborg form.

In other news, the bitch who lives across the hall must be throwing another dinner party, the hallway smells like rotting fish.

Current Mood: vengeful/scheming
8:33 pm
Here it is...
I promised all my readers that I'd tell them how my big date went. He's still alive, so it failed on that count. But I got a nice dinner, well salad, free so that's fine.

Anyway, I was staying late at the lab, trying to stabilize some really fascinating neurotoxins, and I completely lost track of time. I ran to the restaurant to meet him, and didn't even have time to change out of my labcoat and work gear. I wish I could at least do my nails. I don't think Liquid noticed anyway, he was wearing the same damn trenchcoat anyway. I mean, this girl isn't one to complain, but damnit, can't he put on a shirt at least! Mmm, what a chest though.

Ok Naomi-doll, calm down. He's genetically engineered to be the soul of evil, and you've spent your whole life trying to kill him. And he's a few gummy bears short of an easter egg to boot. But he's got that blonde hair, nice pecs and well... do you know how long it's been? I don't think I've gotten any since grad school. And with Frankie over, it's been even harder to get any... alone time. So yeah, by then I would have jumped the hot dog salesman on the corner, let alone the biological duplicate of my life enemy with a rock hard chest.

Ummm... where was I. Oh yeah.

You won't believe what happened! His ex shows up. Or his coworker. I'm not sure what Sniper Wolf is really, but she's stalking him for some reason. I bet she didn't even want to date him, she's prolly just killing him for some secret agenda or other. Well step back girl friend! I did not spend 16 cold lonely years getting my chem degree and working my way up the ranks of a secret government installation to let some other skank ho do my dirty work. But he was staring at her all night gods dammit. Or at least the tree she was in across the street.

Liquid even went snuck to the bathroom to discuss "secret government business". I've never felt so rejected. Still, when I broke down crying in the store and blathering about evil genetic creations and living with undead robots, the waiter didn't charge me for those lampchops. I followed them afterwards to see what was happening with Franky.

Poor boy! It was him all alone with all those evil Big Boss clones and their other freaky S and M friends. But that leads into my next entry.

Current Mood: exhausted
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